Business Solutions

Choosing a life coach to assist you in discovering your life's purpose and choosing the best career path is just the beginning... ($375 Careers package - four 2 hour sessions)

hiring a personal life coach will help you increase your sales, improve your business, accomplish your biggest dreams, have better relationships, and get rid of Emotional Baggage.  



Most people long to be known. I will help you identify what your personal  values are and help you discover your unique purpose. To move forward requires us to take a look back; so you can unpack how and what your limiting beliefs are and how they keep you from getting the results, you say you want. 

I believe you have your own answers- my role is to ask you the right questions. Whether you have a specific goal or obstacle you want to conquer or you just need a personal tune up- We will  dream-build, discover what is your possible, and find out what being a 'space changer' is all about. .




How to Powerfully and Intentionally love others well  
eBook is available on Amazon

Carol Matthews
Certified Life Coach

  • On-one-one Coaching (packages available)
  • Career Profiling/ Educational Planning and Strategy
  •  The Divine Plumbline- 12 weeks Spiritual   Coaching NEW
  • Equipping Leaders; Growth and Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitation : Seminars and Workshops

The Possibilities

SMART goal setting and personal commitment to the necessary shifts you want to make will expedite you to a renewed and empowered place. Incorporating healthy doses of risk and reward can make this journey more engaging and successful. We will also have a lot of fun along the way.